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My Mother Said

My mother said she was African

no matter where she stood

you could take her feet off African soil

but you couldn’t take her African good

My mother said her mother

was the mother of civilization

you could take her name

you could cause her shame

but you couldn’t take that salutation

My mother said I was royalty

crowned Prince of the Motherland

she said I was the one

God’s promised son

and back home I was truly grand

My mother said my melanin

was a gift and I should be proud

she said darkness of hue

is God’s gift to you

your personal protective shroud

My mother said my hair

like Sampson’s represented strength

She said one shouldn’t hide

their race pride

the power’s in the lock not the length

My mother said many things

and most I put on a shelf

but one thing is clear, I can still hear




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