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Poetry by Ty GrayEL

Ty Gray-EL

Diamonds From Coal



We are diamonds that used to be coal

Formed from heat and pressure old

Pressed and stressed we now unfold

We are diamonds that used to be coal


We are diamonds that once was earth

While covered thought of little worth

Rude minors sipped their cups of mirth

Still we rise as gems when given birth


We were the coal as black as night

Once concealed and out of sight

Down in earth’s bowels considered blight

Awakened jewels just come to light


We are diamonds that had to endure

The white/hot sadistic allure

Of an evil alchemist cure

We are diamonds that emerged pure


We are diamonds pressed out of slaves

Once buried deep in cold black caves

Risen at last from our mental graves

We are diamonds transformed from slaves


Behold! Invest In the Human Soul

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