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Thutmose III - BOMA Minute 4-24-17

April 24th is set aside as the start of Thutmose III rule over Egypt. He was Egypt’s ruler for close to 54 years, from 1479 BC until 1425 BC.

It should be noted that Thutmose III, or Old King Tut, was a black man of African descent. Why is that significant?

Over the years, due to the advent of white supremacy and the promulgation of racism the identities and legacies of far too many Africans have been stolen; going so far as to deface African artifacts for the purpose of distorting truth.

In fact, Racist ‘alternative facts’ have caused whole continents to shift. Can someone please tell me how Egypt left the continent of Africa and moved to the Middle East. I would suggest that you look at a map of the PANGEA and realize that the term “Middle East” didn’t even exist before the 1850’s. Coincidentally, that is the same time-period when the man-made Suez Canal separated Africa from itself. and inserted it into the man-made continent called the Middle East.

It’s time we Wake up…This has been a Breath of My Ancestors Minute brought to you by the Institute of Radical Reconciliation and The Enslaved African’s Rain Garden Project… #WeMustNeverForget

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