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PHEN/Fend for the Prostate

PHEN/Fend for the Prostate

You ever stopped to consider

how awesomely complicated man is

how our organs conjoin

and conspire with our loins

and how magnificent a gland is

For males there’s one in particular

without it life would be bland

call it regulator

fluid legislator

I refer to our prostate gland

Consider that our Creator

in His ingenious Master plan

mysteriously imparted

that before all life get started

it must pass through the prostate gland

And you may choose to snub this

as so many have done before

but neglecting your prostate

just might leave you prostrate

this is one gland you should not ignore

Especially African Americans

Its cancerous death rate among blacks

is 150 percent greater

a literal deflator

You must be aware of these facts

Yet this disease can be arrested

but early detection is vital

You can’t be reactive

You must be proactive

to live the life you’re entitled

So allow me to introduce

a group we should all call friend

Formed to educate

on cancer of the prostate

Nationally known as PHEN

Prostate Health Education

a Network organized to care

Who’s mission is to tell

of these cancerous cells

and make every black man beware

We are crisscrossing this great nation

with symposiums that make sense/cents

to gather donations

and increase education

Cause knowledge is our best defense

So now that we have your attention

there’s really just one thing to say

Please Phen/Fend for your health

Its your only true wealth

PHEN/Fend for your prostate today


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