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One Woman

This video depicts the power of the black woman and chronicles just a few of her storied accomplishments throughout history. It takes back the legacy of those African/Edenic/Black women whose identities were stolen over time due to white supremacy and apartheid. Every woman in the video is a black woman, of African descent, and can be proven historically. Yet mainstream media still portrays these matriarchs and progenitors of civilization as white. This society owes its very existence to these Queens of Civilization. Without them, there would be no us. Its time we recognize and acknowledge their power. Never under estimate the power of a Black Woman.

“One Woman”

If one woman made up her mind

To everyone she meets, be kind

And fix her heart on that which is true

If one woman would be so bold

As to embrace the Gospel and hold

Just think what a million women could do

If one woman changed her thought

Each time the tempter brought

Some selfish scheme that would her neighbor undo

If she thought for just a minute

Just where is the kindness in it

Just think what a million thoughts like that could do

If Sarah could wait all those years

And God dried her baron tears

And widow Naomi’s tears dried too

If Boaz could depend on Ruth

To faithfully tell him the truth

Just think what a million Ruth’s could do

If Esther could find good reason

To stay patient throughout her season

And Bathsheba is how Solomon came through

If Deborah the prophetess judge

Could face enemies and not budge

Just think what a million Deborah’s could do

If cousins Elizabeth and Mary

Could each miraculously carry

Both John and Savior Jesus too

If Martha’s belief in what Jesus said

Raised Lazarus from his death-bed

Just think what a million Martha’s could do

If one woman would take a second

When her needy neighbor beckoned

And followed literally Moses tenth command

With spirits filled and nourished

Our neighborhoods would flourish

How quickly piece would spread throughout this land

If one woman made up her mind

To no matter what, be kind

No matter what others might put her through

The strength of that one woman’s resolve

Would all our problems solve

And just think what a million women like that can do


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