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My 40 Acres & My Mule

There are some issues need addressing

some sins that need confessing

Truth is I’ve been used like a tool

for all these years I’ve worked

yet I’m still being jerked

Where are my 40 acres and my mule

The Pope confessed his dirt

to the millions the Vatican hurt

to the Jews who lost there lives in the holocaust

but not once has he mentioned

its slave-trading dimension

or the 100 million African souls lost

Tell me how long will these nations

continue their starvation

of those on whose backs they were built

How long will white lies

flourish while a black dies

Tell me, how much more blood must be spilt

I’m tired of playing the fool

What happened to the golden rule

Tell me, where are my 40 acres and my mule

Where’s my 40 acres and my mule?


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