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Ain’t You Tired

Ain’t you tired of your hip-hop generation

bein’ a dyin’ population

victims of self-annihilation

Sellin’ dope to one another

keep killin’ your brother

no respect for each other

Ain’t you tired

They call you generation X

but what has me perplexed

is what’s comin’ next

The only muscle you flexin’

is one that keeps vexin’

your own

Exploitin’ your sister

You pimpin’ her mister

raisin’ her skirt

causin’ her hurt

diggin’ up dirt

Who you think it hurts

some white boy named Curt

Ain’t you tired

of sirens in your hood

that mean you no good

but the bars understood

On your knees shootin’ crap

who’s really the sap

Ain’t you tired of this rap

Ain’t you tired of attendin’ funerals

regular as roman numerals

Fillin’ up caskets

like church collection baskets.

Aint you tired of being 21st Century slaves,

diggin’ your own graves

They say you depraved

and cannot be saved

Ain’t you tired of actin’ like beast

Don’t you at least

want to preserve your own

Aint you tired of…

Your mothers and sisters cryin’

cause their baby boys are dyin’

and ain’t nobody tryin’

to correct it.

Undertaker sighin’,

Policeman lyin’,

Your life they ain’t tryin’,

To protect it.

But you keep on shootin’,

your own, you keep lootin’.

Keeping your race dead last.

Ain’t you tired,

of your generation dyin’ so fast?

Ain’t you tired?


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