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Ty Gray-EL   Keynote Speaker

Master of the spoken word, Ty Gray-EL is available to speak to organizations, groups and educational collectives. His topics include culture, racial injustice  & equity while including his social commentary on today's events affecting the African American community.

Ancestors Remembered
The Cream Shall Rise


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The Ancestors Remembered-Cream Shall Rise interactive lecture series confronts the issues of racism and bigotry with poetic compassion, dramatic storytelling and historical fact. It weaves a tapestry of tolerance and hope while reminding us of the global miseducation of Africans, African Americans and the world at large.
* Stimulates Interest In African American History & Culture
* Promotes High Self-Esteem
* Uses Poetry & Storytelling
* Improves Race Relations
* Educates - Inspires - Entertains

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